About Happy Human

As an artist, my life and thoughts are almost always consumed by some type of design idea. I feel like art and design are such a part of who I am that if I go for very long without excercising creativeness, I start to deteriorate mentally and physically.

My background includes some schooling at an art and design school in Boston, various website design courses and jobs, and lots of hands-on experience through the years through various jobs and personal projects. Health issues that have come and gone over the years have been the cause of lots of pauses and hiccups, but so far I’ve always been able to come back to it.

My current portfolio doesn’t include all of my work, but will be added to over time as I’m able.

As a Christian, my life is devoted to Christ and in promoting the furtherance of God’s kingdom. Any goodness in humans is a gift– there is nothing good in any us without Him. Happy Human Design’s name symbolizes the truth that the only way a human can be truly happy is through Christ, and in living a life of repentance and forgiveness and love. Christ satisfies the soul like nothing or no one else can.

Welcome to my website, Happy Human Design! I hope that my designs and artwork give you a feeling of warmth and happiness.