Flower Vines Dresser

Hand-painted & Hand-stamped

This is an old child’s dresser that was my husband’s when he was little, and I think it was painted blue (I can’t remember).

I started this project when my baby girl was a newborn. The yellow in this photo looks much brighter than it actually was, but that’s because of the very yellow wall in the background, which ended up much brighter than I had intended. Live and learn.

The color pallet for her room was going to be pale yellow, dusty pink, and grey-green. This never happened because we moved so much, and as you can see, I never completely finished this dresser either.

The top was in the process of being decorated with a hand-painted vine pattern, and stamped flowers. I made the stamp out of a potato that I carved the flower into. This was the first time I had ever tried something like that, and I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.

These are not the greatest pictures for a few reasons. One, I wasn’t as experienced with taking “product pictures” at the time, and two, the dresser had already been through several moves at the time of these pictures, and you can tell.


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