In my efforts of always trying to get to the root of my health problems, I have providentially stumbled upon a new, actually effective treatment for what the medical establishments and pharmaceutical industries have been calling Multiple Sclerosis for decades. A disease based entirely on symptoms, and not on any root cause.

And, funny enough, many people who are taking ivermectin for Covid are stumbling upon new, similar knowledge as well. The ivermectin that helps them get better from Covid, is also improving their MS symptoms!

And the information that I had “stumbled upon” this past Fall is this… most autoimmune conditions, including cancer, are rooted in a parasitic infestation in the central nervous system. Yes, ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug that has minimal side effects, is tolerated very well by most people, and gets rid of Covid too.

Why does an anti-parasitic drug heal Covid? That may be a larger can of worms than I want to open right now– no pun intended. But regardless, it’s possible to effectively treat MS and other autoimmune diseases with antiparasitic and antifungal drugs, along with an extremely low carb diet. Parasites thrive on carbs.

About 5 or 6 years ago, a doctor did an autopsy on a man who died of MS. In the autopsy, he found a significant parasitic infestation throughout this man’s central nervous system– spinal fluid, brain, etc. Not only that, but he found the exact same thing with every other person that he examined thenceforth. So, for the last 5 or so years, he and a handful of other doctors have been treating people with layers of anti-parasitic drugs– with success!

So, MS is actually a parasitic infestation. This illness has been a lifetime battle for me that became much more extreme in symptoms over the last 12 years. To me, the fact that parasites are the culprit makes perfect sense, and seems obvious that it’s the missing link in all of the desperation and confusion of this illness. And it is confusing!

I never went on the traditional MS drugs that my neurologist immediately tried to push 12 years ago. Instead, after receiving good advice from a friend, I drastically changed my diet from the start. Simply eating real food for a change helped me a lot. And when I also cut out gluten, dairy, and processed sugar from my diet, I noticed even more improvements. But, I never got completely better, so I was always researching more. I’ve tried just about every alternative therapy out there, or at least the ones that I could afford at the time.

To name a few, since 2009, I’ve tried The Maker’s Diet, The Gerson Therapy, the raw vegan diet, removal of murcury fillings, The Candida Cure, LDN, chelation therapy, countless vitamins and supplements, Hulda Clark’s supplements, the Zapper, sauna, daily juicing, turpentine therapy, EFT, coffee enemas, and extreme mold avoidance.

This last one was a doozy as far as the disruption in my family’s lives– the extreme mold avoidance. I was very aware that my symptoms would rapidly increase when I was exposed to mold. I was a canary. I could tell you when a room, vehicle, or building had hidden mold within minutes. I could tell if someone was living in mold by smelling it on their clothes if they stood next to me. When I was exposed, immediately one side of my face would start to tingle and go numb, my ears would plug up, my tongue would feel like it was swelling, and my legs would get weaker. If I was exposed for more than a few minutes, my brain would feel like it was in a blender and I couldn’t think straight. If I lived in it daily, I would rapidly decline in all aspects.

It’s scary. Really scary. I lived in fear– something that’s unfortunately very well known in the world we currently live in. And when you live in fear, you can’t make good and logical decisions.

I didn’t realize until recently–that mold was NOT my biggest enemy. Mold is definitely unhealthy for anyone, and should be avoided when possible, but my main enemy was the parasites that I didn’t know lived in me. Apparently, they become more active when they’re around mold, making symptoms increase– and causing my misguided error of linking mold as the cause of all of my problems.

My focus became almost completely on mold avoidance. And living in the Southeast, avoiding mold seemed next to impossible. So, seven years ago, my family of 6 left our house and got rid of everything we owned because I was afraid of mold and mycotoxin contamination. Over the next 7 years we lived in an RV bus, in tents at campgrounds and in people’s back yards, in VRBO’s, KOA cabins, various rentals, new hotels, and a new Airstream. We moved countless times, and traveled through or lived in 18 different States.

Some of these places were okay as far as mold, but the stress levels were extreme all of the time because of the way we were living. Did you know that stress also causes inflammation? It does. Life kept happening and we would have to keep moving for one reason or another. On our journeys, we experienced kind and hospitable people, and also vicious people who thrived on other’s weaknesses and misfortunes. These were very hard times. And I was still gradually getting worse rather than better.

So, getting back to the parasite topic– about 8 years ago, I had suspected that this could have been one of the problems, and I asked my doctor do a parasite test on me. It came back more or less normal. I was surprised, but I believed the test. What I didn’t know, and what my doctor didn’t know, was that these parasite tests (especially stool tests) generally come back as “normal” or close to normal because the parasites are hiding throughout your body and are not just in the gut.

Since being blessed with this new information this past Fall, I have been working with an alternative doctor and a health coach. And, even though I’ve been on a restricted diet for over a decade, the extremely low carb diet that I’m now doing has lessened symptoms even more. This diet is followed in order to weaken the parasites so that the anti-parasitic drugs will be more effective when started. It’s counteractive to be trying to kill them, while at the same time you’re feeding them. Parasites thrive on carbs.

Before taking the first round of multiple anti-parasitic and anti-fungal drugs in January, my balance was so bad that I had to hang on to a person or a wall all of the time if I was standing or trying to walk. My right leg would drag, or I would have to swing it out as I walked. Sometimes, my leg would just stop. I had a hard time getting ready in the morning and would often almost fall out of my chair while trying to put on my socks and shoes. Putting on tights before heading to church was a joke, and it took at least 10 minutes for me to do it. Everything was difficult. Things I used to absolutely take for granted… rolling over in bed easily, doing laundry, blow-drying my hair, clicking a computer mouse, writing, drawing, cooking, being able to think clearly, walking around downtown. The list goes on. This is actually why I have begun to dabble into linocut printmaking. I have a very difficult time drawing now, which is extremely depressing.

After my first round of medications, my balance improved a lot. There were times where I could walk without hanging onto someone or something. The motion and strength in my right leg got a lot better most of the time, numbness lessened even more, my hand became much more steady in writing, and my belly became much flatter, as in less bloated. These things are incredibly encouraging, and evidence that this therapy works, not to mention the new hope that’s given. But, the improvements are not always consistent and I still have a long way to go. It takes between 4 and 18 rounds (equaling about 4-18 months), depending on how sick you are. If you’re interested in this therapy, you can find out more here.