The age old question. What makes a human happy?

A quick internet search will show that the term, “Happy Human”, has been adopted by Humanists who place value and importance toward humans rather than divine– to God. Humanists say that they seek only rational ways to solve human problems, but any solution that ignores man’s sin and God’s creation is irrational from the start. To ignore the spiritual nature of man and of the world is to choose blindness, and that is not a rational choice. Despite the denial of Humanists, we are spiritual beings, with bodies and souls. And we have a Creator. Rational thought could not even exist in a universe without the orderly, good God of Christianity, and to use reason to try and disprove the only possible source of reason makes no sense at all.

So, just to be clear, Happy Human Design is not a humanist business, and I am not a humanist. I’m a Christian.

As a Christian, my life is devoted to Christ and in promoting the furtherance of God’s kingdom. Any goodness in humans are a gift– there is nothing good in any us without Him. Happy Human Design’s name symbolizes the truth that the only way a human can be truly happy is through Christ, and in living a life of repentance and forgiveness and love. Christ satisfies the soul like nothing or no one else can.

The way that the name came about for me is funny (assuming your life is pretty boring and it doesn’t take much to amuse you). About fifteen years ago, when Gmail was brand new and still required an invite in order to create an account, I received an invite and had lots of great and imaginative ideas for my new email address. But even though Gmail was very new all of my initial ideas were already taken. So, I just kept typing in ideas as they popped in my mind.

Well, “happyhuman” was available. And so, for these last 15 years I have been Happy Human. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that it was the title of a humanist icon/idol. The Humanists had already used the name to promote their sad worldview. Manipulators often achieve their ends by using words opposite to their true meanings. Just like tyrants who say, “It’s for your own good. It’s for your safety.” They pervert truth and try to redefine words in order to deceive. Well, too bad– I thought of it too, and my definition isn’t a lie. So, I’m taking it back.

Adding the word ‘design’ to the end for my business name makes it even better. It is an important part of God’s design to make His humans happy. And Christ’s work completes His purpose for those who put their trust in Him.

So, with that introduction/clarification in mind, welcome to my website, Happy Human Design! I hope that my designs and artwork give you a feeling of warmth and happiness.